Monday, August 8, 2011

Radhika Jaiswal.

Hi writing after a long time. This is about Radhika a little girl 8 yrs of age. She has Philadelphia chromosome positive ALL. She has been battling leukaemia for the last 4yrs. She has been on support of Aadhar since April 2008. Her treatment has been going on in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
Unfortunately Radhika is not getting any support from her father.Whatever is being done is by her mother and maternal grandmother. Her treatment regimen has now been changed to Dasatinib.  The cost of this medication for 1 month is Rs. 1.75 Lacs. However if she buys one months medication the company will give for free the next two months dose. But Rs. 1.75 Lacs is a big amount for any average middle class person to raise every three months. In this case the difficulty is compounded by the fact that the treatment has been going on  for the last 4 years. There is a lot of expenditure but no income.  She has been in support of Aadhar since the last 3 years.
Though we can't spend such a large amount of money for one child from our fund, I am posting this in my blog to request for donations for her treatment. Give whatever you can and whatever you want to give. Don't think - what difference can I make? Even if individually we can't do much, surely together we can raise some amount to help out this little girl and her mother. I admire this lady for her grit and patience. Handling an unhappy marriage is bad enough , but on top of that all this! Wherever she feels there is a chance of getting help for her child she goes and requests help. Radhika is one of the sweetest little girls I have seen. Inspite of the prolonged treatment, there is no sign of anger, disappointment or negativity in this child. Please do help in anyway you can and join us in our prayers for this little girl.
All donations can to be sent to AADHAR . A / 361 Meera Bagh, New Delhi- 110087.
Cheques to be made in the name of AADHAR.
In case of any queries please feel free to contact me on this email.