Monday, December 22, 2008

Eye Camp Dec 2008.

21st Dec was very cold and grey.But the camp activities started in right earnest at 8.30 am.
Our young volunteers from youth against cancer,Anindita and Neha Mehta helped in the registration and noting patients vision. These patients were then escorted to the doctors who examined them and gave the required medications.Those who needed further detailed examination were given an appointment over the next 2 weeks or so. There were a number of patients who needed cataract surgery and they will be investigated and given dates for surgery.The surgery will be done at Sehgal Nursing Home ,Meera Bagh. They are kind enough to allow us to utilise teir Operation Theatre at cost price only. The doctors who attended the patients were,
Dr.Prashant Kashyap.
Dr.Devinder Sood.
Dr.Urmila KAshyap.
Dr.Rajeshwary Kulkarni.
Our other volunteers were
Mrs Veena Subedar
Miss Tanvi
Mr Shrikant Subedar
MrChandan Singh.
Ophtho remedies and Sapient were the companies which helped by providing a lot of free medicines for the camp. The rest was purchsed.All patients were given free medicines.
Now over the next 1 month ,I will be completing all the surgeries and OPD of the camp.
I would like to express a special thanks to my father Dr.MS Joshi,who always wholeheartedly supports all my Aadhar work.He took total charge of the camps organization ,from printing and distribution of the pamplets, getting the arrangements done on the day of the camp, and detailing all the volunteers to various for various jobs.
Thanks to him I could concentrate totally on the medical side.

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