Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where is the disability?

Today I saw an interesting sight. While I was driving to my clinic, I saw a small boy aged around 6-7 yrs,riding a full size cycle at full speed on the very busy and crowded main road of Paschim Vihar. The only unusual feature was that this child had only one useful leg with which he was pedalling away .The other leg, affected possibly by polio was flailing by the side of no use at all. I was amazed at the confidence of that child.My first thought was "my god!how is he going to get off".But obviously as he got on I suppose. To my eyes he had a physical disability ,but that kid did not have such a limited view of his abilities. It is really true that there are teachers all around you.It is just a question of how you look at what you see.
This little fellow really showed me disability is a lot of times in the mind.

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