Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Counselling Centre for Cancer Patients & Care-givers
Aadhar is a Registered Charitable Trust which was established in 1998 with a vision to help poor children with cancer. Our goal is to ease the burden faced by the family and caregivers, by providing chemotherapy and supportive medications free of cost and also by counselling.  This year in March 2012, we have added a fund for underprivileged young women suffering from cancer.  
Over the years, working in close association with these children and their families, we felt the   need to reach out to all cancer patients in terms of latest information regarding the medical care, peripheral facilities required for rehabilitation, emotional support to the patients and families and other issues. Keeping this in mind we at Aadhar are starting a counselling centre and support group for cancer patients and care-givers. This service will be available to all who require it.
Support groups are designed to help patients feel less tense, helpless and hopeless. The support group will make an effort to -
v  Decrease patient’s sense of alienation by talking to others in similar situations.
v  Reduce anxiety about the treatments.
v  Assist in clarifying misconceptions and misinformation.
   v  Lessen feelings of isolation, helplessness and neglect by others   
The GOALS of the counselling centre are:
v  Counselling- to help reduce depression, hostility, anxiety and feelings of helplessness.
v  Education – Informing patients and relatives about the disease, its treatment and other relevant information such as common side effects etc.  
v  Answering queries patients may have about the disease and about positive health practices such as diet, exercise, etc.
v  Stress Management- Through relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga.
v  Advise on nutrition- What to eat, what to avoid, healthy and wholesome recipes, in consultation with a dietician .
v  General information such as how to get wigs and other prosthesis, information on genuine dealers who supply, on sale or hire, wheel chairs, crutches, walkers and other things required for these patient.
                                                                    Aadhar Counselling Centre for Cancer Patients & Care-givers
 A-4/25, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063
Every Tuesday between 3-5pm
(By appointment only)
For Appointments Contact:
Dr. Rajeshwary Kulkarni : 9212034435,
Dr Aradhana Sharma : 9891955530

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