Friday, October 5, 2012

Success Stories.

Back to writing after a long time. I have been meaning to write about this for sometime but was not finding the time.  Someone asked me about the success stories of Aadhar. When I sat down to think about it I realized one thing. Not just in cancer, but in any life threatening condition,I think it is the journey which matters and not whether one eventually wins or loses. In sports it said that  " It is not whether you won or lost , but how you played the game." I think in these major challenges in life also it is true. Whats important is how you went through the storm.
All these children who come for support and their parents are like teachers for me. Illiterate, poor people coming from places you haven't even heard of and who have never stepped out of their villages find their way around a huge city like Delhi.For the sake of their child, they will find a way to reach Aadhar or some other organization which can give them help to get medicines they cannot afford otherwise.And they strive and struggle to carry on.Sometimes it is only the  mothers who are bearing the entire burden. Husband is a drunkard or has simply disappeared.She has to manage on her own. I have seen fathers who take to rickshaw  pulling to earn money for food. Once the chemo is over, they stay on the pavement outside the hospital till the next cycle.
 Blood is required so many times. Once the close relatives have donated, they have to make other arrangements. My uncle recently needed to get multiple blood transfusion for his medical condition. After all at home who could, had donated I was under huge pressure to figure out whom to ask. Its really difficult. But these parents do that. They ask, beg , request anything for their child. One man was talking to me and just burst into tears. He said -- "Ab tho dost bhi muha chupa ke nikal jaate hain. Sochte hain ab ye khoon mangega."
What would be a success story ? Just when a child becomes cancer free and grows up to become an adult.
I feel it is so unfair to negate the efforts of all these other souls. I am going to write about patients who were truly remarkable and who were an example for others whatever the eventual outcome was.

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