Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Help for Reshi M Qaddafi.

Hi friends,

Reshi M Qaddafi is 8 yrs old and has come from Kashmir for treatment of leukaemia. His father is Younus Ahmed Reshi who is a government employee in the rural development dept. They are from Srinagar.Reshi was referred to delhi for treatment on being diagnosed as a case of Acute Lymhoblastic Leukaemia. He is admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for treatment. The parents and son are here for his treatment.
They came on the 2nd of September and on the 4th the floods devastated the state and these people have lost their house which has been completely ruined by the flood. They are also unable to draw cash as their documents are lost and it will take some time for the banks also to figure out what is to be done.
They are quite troubled both financially and also due to the health of the child.
These people are looking for a place to stay which would cost less as they cannot now afford to pay the kind of rent they have to give.
Besides this during treatment of leukaemia repeated blood transfusions maybe required . They do not have any relatives here and are finding it difficult to find donors.
We at Aadhar request you to come forward to help this family.
All medicines required by the child are being provided by Aadhar.
We have suggested that they apply for the prime ministers relief fund. They will but that will take at least take 3-4 months to process. Also this money is paid directly to the hospital account and is utilised by the hospital in taking out its own costs.
Help could be rendered by:
1.volunteering to donate blood for this child. For this please message your name and phone number to me so that I can contact you when the need arises.
2. Suggest places where these people can get a room at an economical price.
3. They are in need of financial help to subsist . Mr Younus is finding it difficult to raise money for their rent and food bills.
4. Please suggest ways in which we can raise funds for this family. If anyone has any idea how this families condition can be brought to light in the media please help. Contact us and we will do the needful.
Reshi's photograph has been posted on Aadhar facebook group by Anindita. Please share as much as you can.
Lets try to help this family complete treatment of their son in spite of the unfortunate circumstances they are in.

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