Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it worthwhile....????

In the last 10 yrs of Aadhar,I have had a number of people asking me whether it would be worthwhile for them to donate for the cause of cancer patients. Some felt that if they donated money they needed confirmation that the result would be good. That however is not possible.Donation here is simply to help a fellow human being in distress. At this point I would like to share a very nice experience I had a few years ago.
I was just sitting and thinking about this work one day, after I had just received a call informing me of the death of one of the children on support. The patient was a young boy of 18 yrs. and had been doing quite well. But he had developed a severe infection and passed away. I was sitting and thinking whether I was actually wasting my time and peoples money , asking for donations and using it for cancer patients. I suddenly felt as someone have me a tap on my head and a voice in my head asked me ,
"Mother Teresa has been working for the dying and the destitute for decades .She knows that a lot of them are going to die inspite of her best efforts.Is she wasting her time? Just do the job that has been given to you as best as you can.The results are never in our hands." Since then I have been trying to do my postmans job as sincerely as I can.Taking money orders from donors and reaching them to those who need.

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mala said...

Hi Raju,
I am moved by the sincere tone of your voice and stories of the families that have children afflicted by cancer.
Working a mere 4 weeks in a government run children's hospital in New Delhi (Kalawati Saran), 26 years ago, was enough to turn me away from Pediatrics for good. Much later, seeing cancer patients in Pediatric ward at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, while on my way to the sterile confines of Pathology, was gut wrenching.
People like you make all the difference in this, otherwise, indifferent world. The least I can do is contribute money and spread the word to as many people as I can.
Like Kubera, may your pot never cease to have the means to support your sick children.