Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is it worthwhile....

Is it worthwhile to help a person in distress ??? Of course it is. In whatever way it may be and it does not matter what quantity, help is always appreciated and should be given without hesitation.
Of course you will always meet people who think other people have been created by the lord only to be of use to them.But that does not mean you should turn away each time.
I met this person on one of my hospital visits during a small party we had organised for children on chemotherapy. When the doctor told him I run this NGO, he just said if you give money for treatment , I want one and a half crore to take my daughter to London for an opinion. I told him we don't have that kind of money ,so he just turned around and said then why am I wasting my time talking to you? What a man!! In that one and a half crore we could arrange for complete chemo treatment of about 500 children. Aadhar has so far raised and spent Rs. 50 lakhs approximately on treatment of children with cancer. This has been used in the treatment of more than 250 children. But some have been on and off help.
But then one also meets people who make all efforts worthwhile.
Recently I was invited for a party by a young man who had completed his treatment and was now pursuing his ambition of being a model and an actor. He had invited each and every person who had helped him during the course of his treatment.This meant doctors, nurses, healers, and anyone who had motivated him during his treatment. I was surprised to get an invitation because I met him 8 yrs ago, only once just when he had been diagnosed with nonHodgkins lymphoma.
I spent some time with the family just recounting my experience and encouraged him to go on with the treatment. After that he spoke to me a couple of times on the phone.When I went for the party,I found this boy went thru the chemo , had a recurrence and then went thru Bone marrow transplant and was now cured and living in Mumbai pursuing his ambition of being an actor. What a guy. A true inspiration for anyone. He also remembered to thank even people like me who played such a minuscule role in what he went thru. Hats off to him. I wish him every success in his life.


Daljeet said...

My Dear Raju,

We do appreciate your dedication and concern. We in our own humble way will be contributing to the cause when I visit Delhi next. More than that I must admit that having seen three cancer patients at home of whom two are surviving in a good & positive mental state are primarily because of your personal example ,advise and concern. Thanks and keep up the great work. We are with you Doc.

DJ said...

Rajeshwary Tai - I am so happy that you are finally coming around to this century and doing a Blog! Ok, just joking. Although I have to say I am shocked at how you have taken to this new way of communicating. I really hope you keep it up - this can be a great way of letting people keep in touch with whats going on with Aadhar. We are all very proud of what you are able to do with Aadhar and the impact you are able to make for so many kids and their families.

-Dhananjay and Ruchi

Prashant Kashyap said...

It is said that doctor's profession is one of the two noble professions in this world (the other is that of a teacher).But a doctor who works towards easing the pain of people in ways besides giving a prescriptional advice is NOBILITY in its true sense. 3 cheers to you and AADHAR for carrying on a task which most doctors would talk of but never venture into!